Presale Statement

Our presale have ended, we are really grateful to everyone
that participated in the presale, you guys are amazing.
Before the presale started, our plan was that if we reach
softcap which was 300bnb, we will drop our initially planned
ido and move straight to listing. Unfortuanetly, our presale
didn't go as planned, a total of 45 people participated and
a total of 11bnb was raised. We had series of discussions on
what to do, if the softcap was not reached. Listing with what
we raised will not be ideal, so we decided to have an ido on 3
platforms to raise enough liquidity. We believe that this will
benefit everyone.
We have reached an agrement with an ido platform and discussion
are ongoing with others, some details needs to be sorted out.
We are confident of reaching an agrement before the end of
tomorrow or next, an announcement will be made to that effect
The ido will last between 24 and 48 hours and listing is
automatic. 70% of funds that will be raised will be locked on
Pancakeswap for 2 years.
To appreciate those that bought during presale, for believing
in the project, 10% bonus of the amount bought will be credited
to their SugMiner account(for example, if you have 720 SUG,
you will recieve 72 SUG as bonus). Note that the bonus will
be locked for 4 months and can be withdrawn after 4 months.
Also we are open to suggestions and discussion from our community. Thanks