First Mobile Minable Automated Market-Making DEX

Sulge is an automated market-making DEX that rewards users just for holding SUG on their wallet. It's also mobile minable and uses an advanced technology, to allow users mine cryptocurrency on their phone. Users earns unlimited new tokens from Sulge's partners using Minedrop Dapp. The ecosystem comprises of SugMiner, SugSwap, SugNFT, SugLoan and Minedrop. One token, 93k plus registered users, multiple use case, earn until you can afford Lambo

Mobile Miner

You don't need supercomputer or expensive miner, you can mine Sulge using your mobile phone and it does not drain your battery.


Want more SUG?, We offers different variety of sug mining. You can Participate in Sulge liquidity mining to earn SUG rewards.

Self-Paying Loan

Get instant loan of SLUSD while your SUG earns interest in the background. Your debt will be paid off completely automatically over time.


Sulge HODLers will have the right to access our governance system - a platform on which HODLers can vote and make future suggestions.

What is Sulge?

Sulge is a mobile minable automated market-making DEX, that uses an advanced technology to allow users to mine SUG on their phone without draining their battery. It uses the proof of significance (POS) Mechanism to dynamically allocate SUG to member nodes depending on their significance.
  • Team doxxed and KYC with PinkSale
  • No need for supercomputer or expensive miner
  • Uses an Advanced Security Systems
  • Based on the Binance Blockchain
  • Passive income via yield farming, staking and liquidity mining
  • Robust lending and borrowing system
We are Giving You a Chance to

Mine Sulge wherever you are

Mining most Cryptos nowadays involve spending thousands of dollars, but mining sulge is free. All you need is a mobile phone, a referral code and you are good to go. You don't need to invest a dime.

Referral Bonus
The system automatically rewards you with 0.025 SUG and also increase your mining rate when someone signup with your referral id, the amount and rate will decrease with time as miners increases.

Sulge Nodes
The best way to mine faster is by buying node, it Opens up opportunities to receive great rewards like SUG, SLUSD, limited edition NFT's and the chance to help the Sulge ecosystem grow.

Sulge Governance
Holding Sulge token empowers you to partake in governance voting process. SUG holders can make proposals and vote to collectively decide on proposed protocol changes across the entire Sulge Network.

Sulge is a secure decentralized ecosystem that is built using an immutable BEP-20 smart contract on the Binance blockchain that cannot be altered. It is owned and controlled by the community.


Where we headed

Team Formation
Ideas Harmonization
Whitepaper Development
Website Development
Platform Development
Q2 2021 Ended
Sulge Token Launch
SugMiner Launch
Social Media Campaigns
Signup Bonus Campaign
Seed Sale
Liquidity Mining and Staking
Team Expansion
Pancakeswap Listing
Q3 2021 Ongoing
Smart Contract Audit
SugMiner new UI Features
SugSwap - Automated Market-Making DEX Launch
Listing on Centralized Exchanges
Q4 2021 Soon
Lending Platform Launch
NFT Platform Launch
Advertising / Marketing
Decentralized Governance Implementation
SugMiner Decentralization
Q1 2022 Soon

23 Million total SUG tokens

Sulge (SUG) is the native utility token in Sulge Ecosystem, it will be used to pay for the transaction fees and synthetic issuance services on SugSwap. It will enable stakeholders to take part in the decision making process regarding the platform (e.g. vote on the creation of new markets or the usage of exchange fees).

  • 5.8% Founders and Team

  • 1% Bounty campaign

  • 2.2% Sales

  • 25% Sulge Foundation

  • 66% Available for Mining